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Working for the Parliamentary Ombud

The Parliamentary Ombud’s work areas cover nearly all areas of law in which the public administration operates. When you work for the Parliamentary Ombud, you work with challenging and meaningful tasks – often related to current issues – and you have the opportunity to develop in an inspiring and social working environment.


The Parliamentary Ombud offers good terms of employment with pay and working conditions that comply with the Basic Collective Agreements for the Civil Service. The Ombud’s employees have flexible working hours, paid overtime, an IW agreement, membership of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund and good opportunities for participating in courses and continuing education.

The Parliamentary Ombud is always looking for new employees with sound professional qualifications and an interest in public administration. Vacancies of a longer duration are publicly advertised and filled in accordance with normal competitive procedures.

We offer students part-time positions, summer jobs and internships

As a student employee with the Parliamentary Ombud, you have the opportunity to contribute to increased due process protection by considering complaints from people who believe that they have been subjected to an injustice on the part of the public administration. You are responsible for your own cases, and you will help to prepare the basis for the Ombud’s statements.

A job with the Parliamentary Ombud is highly sought-after, and there is tough competition for these positions. Students who work for us must have completed the third year of the master’s degree programme in law with good grades.

Student positions:

Part-time positions - Vacancies are advertised and filled in accordance with normal competitive procedures. 

Summer jobs - Vacancies are publicly advertised and filled in accordance with normal competitive procedures. The Parliamentary Ombudsman endeavours to hire summer temps from different Norwegian universities.

Internships - We offer internships throughout the year. This scheme is administered by the universities.