New visit report – BUP Inpatient Unit, Levanger Hospital

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The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s National Preventive Mechanism visited the inpatient unit at Levanger Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care Services (BUP), 10–12 February 2020. The unit was not notified of the dates in advance.

The most important finding during the visit was that the unit provided a safe and caring environment for children and adolescents in situations of vulnerability. The culture of the institution was characterised by a high level of openness, respect and care. The way the children were cared for is an example for other mental health facilities to follow. The inpatient unit chose not to be approved for involuntary admission. This had several positive consequences for the care the children and adolescents received. The inpatient unit had made significant efforts to avoid physical structures with a strong security focus, sterile environment and locked doors. Instead, the focus of the institution was on the type of services and follow-up offered to the children to encourage them to participate in therapy.