How to file a complaint

When filing a complaint, it is important that you specify which administrative body the complaint concerns. You should also give grounds for your complaint by explaining why you disagree with the decision made in your case.

  • If you are complaining about a specific decision, it is important that you enclose a copy of the decision. It is also a good idea to enclose copies of other documents that elucidate your case, particularly letters or documentation from the public administration.
  • If your complaint concerns tardy case processing or the public administration’s failure to reply, it is important that you enclose a copy of your written reminder to the public administration.
  • You can ask a case officer for guidance on what types of cases the Ombud considers and about how to write a complaint. Guidance is normally given over the phone.

You can file a complaint by letter, but we recommend that you use the Ombud’s electronical complaint form. The form will guide you through the complaint process step by step.

File a complaint

Elektronisk klageskjema med fire steg: 1:Personalia, 2:Klagen, 3:Vedlegg, 4:SammendragA few examples of a complaint

Complaint about a denied application for financial assistance.

I live with my two children, aged 6 and 9 years. It has been very difficult for me to find work here in Smallville, and, out of consideration for the children, it is not possible for me to work elsewhere. My only income is a modest maintenance payment and a small benefit from NAV. This means that I am unable to cover necessary expenses for clothes and housing etc.

My application for social assistance was rejected by the social service. I have appealed to the County Governor, but the appeal did not succeed. I disagree with the county governor's decision because I pay for most of what the kids need. In addition to child support, the father is not contributing to additional expenses such as doctors, medicines, after school-activities etc. I think that the county governor should have taken this into account while processing my complaint for social assistance.

The County Governor’s decision was made two months ago, so my complaint is filed within the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s one-year deadline. I have enclosed a copy of the County Governor's decision.

Can the Ombudsman help me?




Complaint about the Directorate of Immigration's case processing time

I am complaining on behalf of my husband, Mohammed Hussein. I have enclosed a letter of authority confirming that I can complain on his behalf.

The complaint concerns the Directorate of Immigration's processing time in my husband’s family immigration case. He applied for family immigration with me over two and a half years ago, and the case has still not been decided.

Neither he nor I have received any information whatsoever about the status of the case, why it is taking so long or when the application will be decided. We have phoned the Directorate several times, but they never give us any concrete answers. We have also sent several written reminders to the Directorate without receiving any replies. I have enclosed copies of these reminders.

This situation is very tough for us, and we hope that the Parliamentary Ombudsman can look at our case.