The Parliamentary Ombudsman Hanna Harlem submitted the annual reports for 2020 to the Second Vice President of the Storting, Morten Wold

Every year, the Parliamentary Ombudsman submits two annual reports to the Parliament. This year, because of the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, the reports were submitted by means of electronic communication.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman works to ensure that the public administration does not commit injustices against the individual citizens. This is done through investigating individual complaints where citizens claim to have suffered injustice or procedural mistakes by the public administration, and through exercising the mandate of National Preventive Mechanism under the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on Torture.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman submits two annual reports: Document 4 is a general annual report for the activities of the Parliamentary Ombudsman as well as for the complaint mechanism in which individual complaints against the public administration are investigated. Document 4: 1 describes the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s activities under the mandate as National Preventive Mechanism tasked to prevent torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment through visiting places of detention.


Read the annual report of the National Preventative Mechanism for 2020 here