New visit report – Åsgardstrand Elderly Care Home

The Norwegian Parliamentary Ombuds’s National Prevention Mechanism (NPM) visited Åsgårdstrand Elderly Care Home in Horten Municipality in December 2020. Åsgårdstrand is a public care home and is run by the municipality. The facility primarily provides rooms for elderly persons diagnosed with dementia and severe functional impairment as a result of somatic dysfunction.

Our visit complied with the applicable covid-19 pandemic public health measures at the time of the visit. In addition to an inspection of the premises, the visit also involves conducting telephone interviews and document review.

Residents in care home facilities have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to receive adequate services that secure their fundamental needs. The resident has the right to participate in making decisions about their plan of care. Relatives and/or guardians should be systematically involved when developing these care services.