New visit report – Høyås Residential Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Centre

The Norwegian Parliamentary Ombud’s National Prevention Mechanism (NPM) visited Høyås Residential Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Centre, Nordre Follo Municipality in October 2020. At the time of the visit, the care home had the capacity for 111 patients, organized into four separate sections.

Elderly residents in long-term care and nursing homes have the right to be treated with dignity and respect while receiving adequate services that address their individual and fundamental needs. It is imperative that residential care homes can accommodate persons with dementia in a manner that, to the greatest extent possible help maintain their personal autonomy.  As example every resident must have the opportunity to participate to the extent possible in the development and implementation of the care plan. In addition, there needs to be a clear process and practice of information sharing and dialogue with the resident’s family or designated decision-maker.