Visit to Juvenile Unit East of Ullersmo Prison

The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) has today started its visit to Juvenile Unit East, a prison for juvenile inmates. Most of the inmates are in the age group 15–18 years.

Juvenile Unit East is a high-security prison that admits both persons remanded in custody and convicted inmates. It is a sub-unit of Ullersmo Prison.

The purpose of the visit is to investigate the conditions for the juvenile prison inmates with the intention of preventing torture and inhuman treatment.

The Juvenile Unit East was opened in April 2016 and is one of two prisons in Norway for juvenile inmates. In 2015, the NPM visited the first prison for juveniles in Norway, Bjørgvin Prison’s Juvenile Unit. Read the report from Bjørgvin Prison’s Juvenile Unit (in Norwegian).

During the visit

During the visit, interviews will be conducted with the inmates, staff, health personnel and the prison administration. Private interviews with the young inmates are prioritised. In addition, documentation is reviewed and the prison is inspected. The admission section, inmates’ rooms, communal areas, security cell, visit section and outdoor areas are among the areas inspected. The focus areas during the visit include the use of force, activities and employment, health services and the physical conditions.

After the visit

After the visit, the Parliamentary Ombudsman will prepare a report that describes the findings and makes recommendations for improvements. This report will be published on the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s website when completed.

The visit is part of the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s visits to institutions where people are deprived of their liberty and follows from the prevention mandate assigned to the Ombudsman in 2013. The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) has so far visited prisons, police custody facilities, the police immigration detention centre at Trandum, mental health care institutions and child welfare institutions under its prevention mandate.