Oslo University Hospital, Regional secure psychiatric ward, Dikemark. Photo: The Parliamentary Ombud

Visit Report – Oslo University Hospital, Regional secure psychiatric ward, Dikemark

The Parliamentary Ombud’s National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) carried out a visit to Oslo University Hospital, regional secure psychiatric ward (RSA Dikemark), from 30th of August to 1st of September 2022.

The hospital had been notified that the Parliamentary Ombud planned to carry out a visit sometime in 2022, but was not informed of the exact date of the visit.

RSA Dikemark is in Asker municipality. The hospital complex is made up of several buildings from the 1920s, and is placed in the forest, near recreational areas and hiking trails. Several of the buildings in the complex had not been maintained and were empty.

RSA Dikemark is based in the Granli Building at the edge of the complex, a three-story brick with perimeter security. It is well known that the building is run-down and unsuitable for its current purpose. A new regional secure psychiatric ward will be built at Ila in Bærum municipality and is scheduled to open in 2025.

Our visit included all three of the inpatient units which are in the Granli Building and which make up RSA Dikemark. Each of the three inpatient units was on a separate floor.